Okay so you’ve seen the circles at the top of your Instagram feed and you’ve felt like a peeping Tom, seeing the gory details of people’s lives whom you didn’t know existed… and you really liked it! Well the thing with Instagram Stories is that it’s so seemlessly designed you may have missed some of it’s great features, so here are a few tips to move you along:

  1. Everything disappears after 24 hours – meaning that racist remark isn’t online forever! Plus, you can delete it anytime…
  2. Delete any story by swiping up and tapping delete – Tap on your circle (there will only be a circle if you’ve posted something in the past 24 hours), swipe up on the image you want to delete, then tap on the bin icon and select “Delete”. Phew, safe, no nobody will see that your naked reflection in the window…
  3. Upload photos from your camera – provided the image was taken within 24 hours ago, you can upload it to your stories. Simply swipe right from the HOME screen, swipe down to reveal your latest photos, tap on the photo you want, do some edits and tap on the TICK at the bottom middle to upload it to your Stories.
  4. Highlight your text – a very simple thing, but you may think, “Hey, how’d @kevinheart4real add a scribbled background to his text?” Well it’s easy, when editing your image tap on the image and type some text, then tap on the pen icon (top right, next to the text icon) and select the middle icon that looks like a highlighter (I think it’s called a Sharpie in America), then just scribble the highlighter over your text and it will magically appear behind your text. Yay!
  5. Go back and forth when browsing people’s Stories – Instagram has installed an invisible forwards and backwards button when browsing stories. Just tap on the right half of the image to go forward, and tap the left half of the image to move backwards. This is nice if you accidentally tapped passed a video of Kim Kardashian doing something very ordinary that you just HAVE to see again…

Hope that’s helpful. If you discover any hidden features let us know.

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