Here’s why VSCO is my favourite app…

Pronounced “visco” in our office, and also according to the smarty pants VSCO people you pronounce it that way, but without the South African accent!

I use this app at least 3 times a day. No, not to fix my skin complextion in all of my selfies (although you can).

When doing a client’s social media, it is important to portray the best of the best. Having a nice quality DSLR photo is one thing, but to put a filter over without making it look fake, is another.

That’s where VSCO comes in. The filters in VSCO are the perfect combination of simplicity and emotion.

Being able to install 3 different preset packs for free makes VSCO amazing.


For the more serious photographers, there are preset packs you can purchase which are quite affordable.

With the VSCO camera you can adjust your ISO and shutterspeed for a more complex photo. So you get a more “DSLR-like” experience on your phone.

This app is great for bloggers, photographers and businesses working online.

I would definitely suggest that newbie and pro photographers give this app a go.

VSCO is our go-to camera and filter app!


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