A very exciting announcements happened recently for content creators like myself: Da Vinci Resolve is coming to iPad! When I got my iPad there was this loose promise, a vague suggestion, from Apple that we would get a quality video editor. So I went and invested in the top of the range iPad Pro in 2019 and the video editor just never materialised, apart from Lumafusion which has some limitations. So I have this really powerful iPad that does everything else except the thing that I wanted it to do, but that is no more. Da Vinci Resolve is going to be pretty feature packed. It’s going to have the cut page and the colour grading page, which are two very powerful parts of the Da Vinci Resolve system and it’s going to handle Pro Res and Blackmagic RAW. So, for me, I’m going to use my existing iPad and see how it performs. The only thing really holding me back is performance. If you are heading into making making short films or longer format films, it’s going to be an issue. But for all my social media needs, I’m going to be able to do everything on my iPad now.

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