30 May How to build a stunning website for free

There are a lot of free website options out there, and these days they offer some pretty stunning results. With anything free, there’s always a catch somewhere along the line. But on the whole, a free site when chosen correctly can give you all the key criteria: good Google search presence and a user-friendly, content-centric design.

The pitfalls of “going free” are that you’re often locked into the developer’s way of doing things, and this usually boils down to using their hosting services, paying what they’re asking for a yearly domain and space on the web. Also, if you’re planning to go big with an online store, FREE is definitely not for you, because the more traffic you get, the more you might end up paying, or, worst case scenario, you may need to build a new website.

Here are some of the top free website builders to try:

WEEBLY https://www.weebly.com/

WIX http://www.wix.com/

WORDPRESS https://wordpress.com/

WEBFLOW https://webflow.com/

Also worth checking out is Ghost for blogging https://ghost.org/

My two cents is that although ease of use probably sits squarely in the WIX and WEEBLY court, you’re safer moving to WordPress. WordPress functions across the spectrum from a very basic blog to a fully functional e-commerce multi-user website. In other words, the site will grow with you. And if you ever decide to leave the WordPress.com stable and move your site to a developer like myself, you won’t be hardpressed to get all your blog and page data moved and looking good again.

Adin Walls

Adin Walls is the owner and manager of Web Brew, focussing on content development and websites. He is also an avid singer/songwriter in the local music scene in the Garden Route.