30 May How to scrape an image for a link on Facebook

If you share links on Facebook regularly you’ll probably have run into this issue: when you add a link to your status and it doesn’t load a preview image, leaving just text, which doesn’t look great. This is caused by sharing a link a bit sooner than what Facebook can grab the image from the internet.

But fear not you can fix this (and help Facebook). Simply Google “Facebook Debugger” or “Facebook scraper” and the first link should be the one you’re looking for.

Insert your link you’re wanting to share in the space provided and click “debug” – you might get an error message on your first try, then just click on the button that asks you to collect the new info for that link.

Facebook will go directly to that link and look for it’s meta data (the fundamental data that makes up that link). You’ll now have your image if the post has been created correctly by the author.

No simply reload Facebook and add your link again. Happy sharing!

Oh, and if none of this made sense, watch our step-by-step guide:


Adin Walls

Adin Walls is the owner and manager of Web Brew, focussing on content development and websites. He is also an avid singer/songwriter in the local music scene in the Garden Route.