I looked at the possibility of getting rid of a laptop to get an iPad. There are many advantages to this. Ease of use, mobility, amazing apps, overall user-friendliness. But as an accompanying piece to this, here are some of the things to look out for:

  1. File management: as I mentioned in the YouTube video, you can quite effectively manage your documents, pictures and other files like PDFs using powerful cloud based tools like Google Drive (which is my preferred cloud storage service). However, Apple devices can be notoriously annoying in getting files to and from your mobile device to your MacBook or PC. That being said, you’ll only have trouble with this for large files like video, if you’re taking a lot of videos. A service like Google Photos will take care of backing up photos and small videos to the cloud, and freeing up space on your device. There are also iPad compatible flash drives now to backup your videos, but they are quite expensive.
  2. WiFi: If you don’t have an uncapped data plan, this whole concept is not for you, stick to your laptop with a large hard drive. The whole idea of “ditching the laptop for an iPad” relies on you being able to put most of your files on the cloud.
  3. Outdated websites and software: do your research on this. There are some industry-specific websites and softwares that only work on a laptop, and sometimes only on a Mac or only on a PC. So be weary of that. For instance, I’m using my iPad 80% of the time but I have an advanced guitar and vocal processor for my music that needs a laptop to manage the presets and update the firmware, I’d be stranded without my laptop as a backup.
  4. Beware the naysayers: I have been cured of my Apple bias of late. Realizing that their drive to tie you into their ecosystem and force you to spend more money by omitting certain features in some products, is evil. But most of the negativity around Apple (and Android) is based on blind brand loyalty. People will tell you Apple isn’t compatible with anything or that there are just so many things you can’t do with an Apple device. The truth is Apple’s compatibility issues were solved years ago, so much so that you even get Microsoft Office for iPad now! Also the vague comment that there are so many things you can’t do with Apple is moot, given they have the largest app registry with the highest quality control, what you can’t do is download pirated software, music and movies, and that pretty much sums that up…

So check what you use your laptop for, and see if the iPad can do it, chances are it can and it will simplify your digital life in the process.

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