I remember taking photos for a client for their restaurant’s Facebook page and overhearing some people sitting at the table, they probably saw me taking social media photos and said, “Facebook is dead, it’s just a waste of time. Nobody’s on Facebook anymore”. That was about 5 years ago… You have to be careful of listening to things that are being said in the world. Instead of just, looking at the metrics, looking at the data that is available to us. As a social media practitioner, someone that does it every single day, I have definitely seen, I would say six months ago I would have said to Facebook is still the main place to spend your money for marketing. Now I’m reaching a point with customers, with people with small budgets, where I’m sometimes spending a little bit more on Instagram, sometimes spending a little bit more on Facebook depending on what is happening that month. Now I’m at the point where I’m actually posting videos for clients on TikTok  because it’s matured enough for our small little market here in South Africa to be valid. So be careful of listening to what people “say” rather than the quantifiable metrics available to us.

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