SnapScan is a locally developed payment system leveraging the QR codes we’ve seen (like a square barcode) to encode a unique encrypted payment code via your phones camera. They use this same technology to allow you to scan your Credit Card OR Debit Card securely into the app so you can make payments with your phone, whether you have your card with you or not.

It’s reliable – we’ve been using it since it started and only once was there an issue because the vendor’s account was not active, but as soon as I tried to use the vendor’s code I got a call from SnapScan to say the code was now active – so their service is pretty epic too!

We recommend you support this local initiative and pay with SnapScan wherever you can…

The benefits:

  • It’s safer
  • It’s easier (you always have your phone on you)
  • It’s cheap (they charge the vendor a nominal rate per transaction)

SnapScan FTW!

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