IMG_4578I got this on my car today.

Well – it was in better condition on my car. Apart from the rediculously stupid tactic of mindlessly affixing pieces of paper to people’s cars in the hope that they’ll look at it and use your services, it brought to mind how print media in South Africa has been in a decline for a long time, and, in my opinion, is dead.

As an emerging market (South Africa), there’s still scope for print media. But only a little. It won’t be long before everyone is more averse to print media marketing than Jacob Zuma is to to the words “Nkandla Report”!

If you compare this pamphlet I got on my car this morning trying to sell me a holiday. The first thing I saw was a thick booklet damaging my window wiper. And I wanted to destroy it.

We switched to Facebook marketing and never looked back

My wife owns an optometrist business. We were advertising weekly in our local paper. It was expensive but all her competitors were doing it and everyone told us that in this small town, the local paper was where it was at in terms of marketing your business. WRONG! As a case study I told my wife to ditch the local paper to test whether the Facebook campaign was working. It was. Our business tripled. From not breaking even every month, we had money to spend on stock and more marketing.

The idea that small towns are behind is madness

Maybe in a teenie-tiny town somewhere in the sticks the old ways of doing things still work, I don’t know, I don’t live there. But if Facebook stats are anything to go by, even Frikkie van der Merwe, the farmer, is online looking for deals for seed and a new tractor. It certainly is the case in our small town. Facebook is huge, and it’s growing. So much so that there’s even new growth on Twitter with real engagement.

Don’t be an annoying marketer

Even 5 years ago when we started my wife’s business with R3000 and we ran a very non-invasive flyer campaign, placing them discreetly on coffee tables in every business that would let us do so. That method worked. But it’s not even a tenth as powerful as Facebook. It’s time to get with the times and not be an annoying marketer. Find your voice and get an ad running now!


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